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Unsafe Products

Product Liability Attorneys

Products liability litigation involves defective and unreasonably dangerous products that can kill or injure people.

Manufacturers of these products are liable for design defects, improper safety devices and manufacturing defects that cause injury. Product liability cases can involve products such as toys, automobile design, household products, industrial machinery and equipment, farm machinery, products causing explosions or burns, aviation products, and medical devices to name just a few. Anapol Schwartz has successfully represented people severely injured and even killed by defectively designed products.

The product liability lawsuit is the consumer's most effective tactic against unreasonably dangerous products. While regulations often lack the authority to give manufacturers more than a slap on the wrist, the product liability lawsuit allows the individual consumer to take an active role in recovering from an injury or death from a dangerous or defective product.

Anapol Schwartz has had numerous substantial settlements and verdicts in products liability cases, including:

  • A settlement for a young woman burned by a faulty kerosene heater;
  • A settlement for a sanitation worker who suffered the loss of his legs when operating a defectively designed trash truck;
  • A jury verdict for a man injured as a passenger on a truck with a defective braking system;
  • Many settlements and verdicts for workers injured while using forklifts, bulldozers and backhoes; and
  • Many settlements and verdicts for workers suffering loss of hands, arms or fingers while operating presses, lathes, printing presses, tire changing machines and food processing equipment.

If you or someone you know has been injured by an unsafe product, we can assist you in evaluating your case. Click here to contact us for a free case evaluation.

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