Unsafe Drugs

  • Actos


    ActosDrugmaker Takeda faces thousands of lawsuits for their failure to warn that patients using Actos have up to a 40 percent higher risk of bladder cancer.

  • Fosamax


    Fosamax Femur FractureFosamax has been associated with an increased risk of femur fracture and osteonecrosis of the jaw bone.

  • Mirena


    Mirena IUDThe Mirena IUD can slice into a woman’s uterus or cut through it and travel into the body, but Mirena users were never told by the drug manufacturer.

  • Risperdal


    Risperdal LawsuitsAntipsychotic drug Risperdal may cause children and adolescents to develop a breast growth condition called gynecomastia.

  • Testosterone

    Testosterone Treatments

    Testosterone TreatmentsPrescription testosterone therapies may double a man’s risk of suffering a heart attack. Research has suggested the risk of heart attack, stroke, death and other cardiovascular events for years.

  • Topamax


    TopamaxThe FDA has informed doctors that newborns of mothers treated with Topamax during pregnancy have an increased risk of developing cleft palate or cleft lip.

  • Vaccine Injuries

    Vaccine Injuries

    Vaccine InjuriesPeople can experience rare and life-threatening reactions to certain vaccines.

  • Xarelto


    Xarelto LawsuitThere is no antidote to reverse Xarelto's effects if a user sustains an injury that causes internal bleeding. Some patients have bled to death as a result.

  • Zofran


    ZofranUse of the anti-nausea drug Zofran during the first ten weeks of pregnancy has been linked to the development of cleft lip, cleft palate, and congenital heart defects.

  • Zoloft


    ZoloftTaking Zoloft and some other antidepressants during pregnancy may increase an unborn baby’s risk of developing cardiac birth defects.

Personal Injury

  • Asbestos & Mesothelioma

    Asbestos & Mesothelioma

    MesotheliomaMesothelioma is a fatal form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. But sometimes people work around asbestos without proper protection, and that isn’t fair.

  • Concussions & Brain Injury

    Concussions & Brain Injuries

    ConcussionsConcussions are caused by a blow or jolt to the head or a part of the body that whips the head back and forth.

  • Construction Accidents

    Construction Accidents

    Construction AccidentPeople can be killed or seriously injured if the massive machinery at construction and industrial sites is used negligently.

  • Dog Bites

    Dog Bites

    Dog BitesA dog owner may be held legally responsible for their dog attacking and injuring another person.

  • Nursing Home Injury & Abuse

    Nursing Home Injury & Abuse

    Nursing Home Injuries & Abuse

    Nursing home staff negligence can lead to serious injuries that could have been prevented. Loved ones deserve better.

  • Slip & Falls

    Slip & Falls

    Slip and FallDangerous or poorly maintained property conditions can lead to permanent injury or death.

  • Spinal Cord Injury

    Spinal Cord Injury

    Spinal Cord Injury
    A spinal cord injury can mean paralysis for life. When a spinal injury is caused by someone else’s negligence, responsible parties must be held accountable.

  • Unsafe Products

    Unsafe Products

    Unsafe ProductProducts can be defective and unsafe, which can lead to serious injuries or even death.

  • Wrongful Death

    Wrongful Death

    Wrongful DeathIt’s difficult to hear that your loved one’s death could have been prevented.

Unsafe Medical Devices

  • Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II

    Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II

    Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG IIThe Stryker hip recall was due to the device’s failure rate, including fretting and corrosion of the metal components, dislocations and adverse tissue reactions.

  • Biomet Metal Hip

    Biomet Metal Hip

    Metal-on-Metal Hip ImplantsPatients with metal-on-metal hips experience hip replacement failure when the metal components grind together, shed debris into the body, and cause health problems.

  • DePuy ASR

    DePuy ASR

    DePuy Metal HipThousands of people from all over the country have filed lawsuits against DePuy addressing the pain and revision surgeries resulting from hip implant failure.

  • DePuy Pinnacle Hips

    DePuy Pinnacle Hips

    Pinnacle HipsThe metal components of the DePuy Pinnacle hip implant can grind together inside a person’s body, shed metal debris into the bloodstream, and cause severe damage to surrounding bone and tissue.

  • Morcellator Cancer Lawsuit

    Morcellator Cancer Lawsuit

    Morcellator LawsuitJohnson & Johnson issued a worldwide recall of its Ethicon morcellation devices in July 2014. The surgical device may blast undetected cancer throughout a woman’s body during a hysterectomy or a uterine fibroid removal procedure.

  • Zimmer NexGen Knee Implant

    Zimmer NexGen Knee Implant

    ZimmerWhen NexGen knee implants fail, patients have to deal with revision surgery, recovery time and expenses in addition to more pain, discomfort and scarring.

  • Zimmer Persona Knee Lawsuits

    Zimmer Knee Lawsuits

    Zimmer Persona Knee Lawsuits The FDA recalled nearly 12,000 Zimmer Persona Trabecular Metal Tibial Plates in March 2015. The Tibial Plate is a major component of the Zimmer Persona Knee. The recall came in response to complaints that the implant can prematurely loosen and require revision surgery.

Medical Malpractice

  • Birth Injuries

    Birth Injuries

    SSRIsWhen a hospital staff member fails to provide appropriate care sometime between labor and the postnatal period, a serious birth injury can result.

  • Brachial Plexus Palsy

    Brachial PalsyBrachial Plexus Palsy

    A mistake during delivery can leave a newborn with a lifelong disability known as brachial plexus palsy or Erb’s palsy.

  • Misdiagnosis



    A wrong, missed and delayed diagnosis can results in death or injury from a condition that might have been treatable otherwise.

  • Group B Strep

    Group B Strep

    Birth InjuryGroup B streptococcal septicemia can infect newborns during delivery. Doctors sometimes overlook Group B Strep, which can cause debilitating injuries.

  • Heart Condition Misdiagnosis

    Heart Condition Misdiagnosis

    Heart Condition

    Delay in diagnosis or treatment of a heart attack or heart disease can cause serious heart damage or death, when the injuries may have been preventable.

  • Meningitis Misdiagnosis

    Meningitis Misdiagnosis

    MeningitisWhen meningitis is not diagnosed quickly, this infection of the spinal cord fluid can cause brain damage, a deadly blood infection called sepsis, and other deadly problems.

  • Prescription Errors

    Prescription Errors

    Prescription ErrorA patient can be seriously hurt or killed if they receive the wrong medication from a doctor, nurse or pharmacist.

Motor Vehicle

  • Automobile Accidents

    Automobile Accidents

    Automobile accidentsVehicle accidents are stressful situations that often require a lawyer who can navigate the process and obtain victims compensation for repair and medical expenses.

  • Airbag Failure

    Airbag Failure

    Airbag Failure

    An airbag that doesn’t deploy during a collision can lead to death or serious injury.

  • Bicycle Accidents

    Bicycle Accidents

    Bicycle Accident

    When drivers are negligent on the roadways, a bicyclist who collides with an automobile is likely to sustain severe injuries.

  • Bus Accidents

    Bus Accidents

    Bus Accidents

    Bus accidents often involve numerous passengers who may sustain a range of injuries. Many people are involved, which can lead to a complex legal situation.

  • Distracted Driving

    Distracted Driving

    Distracted Driving

    Drivers distracted from the road can kill or seriously hurt others, even if they look away for just a moment to text, put on makeup, reach for a drink or change the radio.

  • Liquor Liability

    Liquor Liability

    Liquor Liability

    Nearly 30 people in the U.S. die in motor vehicle crashes involving an alcohol-impaired driver. This amounts to one death every 48 minutes, according to the CDC.

  • Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcycle drivers can be killed or seriously hurt when they collide with other motor vehicles.

  • Pedestrian Accidents

    Pedestrian Accidents

    Pedestrian Accidents

    Pedestrians are at a serious disadvantage when they’re involved in motor vehicle accidents, and negligent drivers must be held responsible.

  • Truck Accidents

    Truck Accidents

    Truck Accidents Truck accidents are complex situations that often require different types of investigation to determine who was at fault.

  • Vehicle Safety

    Unsafe Car

    Vehicle  Safety

    Drivers and passengers can be killed or seriously injured when a defective car part leads to an auto accident.

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