Electrocution kills. Do you have an electrocution lawsuit?

Take, for instance, two men who were installing gutters at a housing complex. The aluminum ladder that one man was carrying touched an overhead electric power line; he died. The second man died trying to help his coworker.

In another instance, a cable installer was electrocuted when he touched a high voltage line. He was standing in the bucket of a mechanical lift known as a cherry picker when he came in contact with a 19,500 volt line. The shock killed him instantly.

In Florida, what was a typical end of day maneuver turned deadly when a worker was standing on the ground operating a mechanical lift from a side control panel, when the lift struck a power line of 7,620 volts. He was jolted repeatedly as his lift and one nearby caught on fire as his horrified coworkers stood by unable to rescue him because they too would be shocked.

Electrocutions occur when workers using cranes, metal ladders, scaffolds, conveyors, front-end loaders, dump trucks, or other equipment or materials come into contact with overhead power lines. Simple foolproof activities like unloading supplies from a truck or moving ladders from the side of a structure may lead to contact with high voltage leading to serious injury like paralysis or amputation or death.

Who is at fault?

Employers, contractors, and subcontractors are at fault. They need to be held accountable to better train and educate employees and temporary workers by increasing awareness of electrical hazards in construction and telecommunications. Construction companies, building code inspectors, architects, and electrical engineers must provide detailed and understandable plans highlighting lethal electrical currents.

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Safety first must always be a priority not an afterthought.

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