Vaccine Injuries

vaccine injuries

Anapol Schwartz encourages everyone to get their required vaccinations. Vaccines save lives and protect us from deadly epidemics.

People are vaccinated every day without problems, but dangerous vaccine injuries can occur on rare occasions. When that happens, our vaccine injury lawyers obtain compensation in federal vaccine court so victims and their families can focus on recovery.

Vaccine Injury Compensation

You may be eligible to seek vaccine injury compensation if you suffered a reaction to a vaccination. Read more about how the claim process works.

Vaccine Reactions

Severe vaccine injuries are rare, but they can be life-altering and expensive when they happen. Find out what to do if you suffered from a vaccine reaction.

Guillain-Barré Syndrome

The condition can cause paralysis at a moment’s notice and can result in permanent problems. Learn about your legal rights if you developed GBS after a vaccination.

Vaccine Injury Lawyers

The vaccine injury lawyers at Anapol Schwartz have decades of experience and success obtaining compensation for victims. Call today for a free legal evaluation.


Nationwide Victims of Vaccine Injuries

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