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Chickenpox Attorneys

Why get vaccinated? Chickenpox vaccine is the best way to prevent chickenpox, therefore protecting children and adults from the severe complications and death associated with the disease. Even with uncomplicated chickenpox cases, lost time from school and work and the cost of medications or treatment that may be needed can result in a significant cost for the family.

What qualifies for Side Effects Lawsuits and Claims? Serious side effects from the Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine include Pneumonia. Other serious problems, including severe brain reactions and low blood count, have been reported after chickenpox vaccination.

Is the vaccine effective in preventing chickenpox all the time? The Chicken Pox vaccine is not 100% effective. If a vaccinated person does get chickenpox, however, it tends to be a mild case with fewer skin lesions, lasting only a few days, with no or low fever, and few other symptoms.

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Is there anyone who should not receive the chickenpox vaccine? According to the CDC, you should not get if you ever had a serious allergic reaction to chickenpox vaccine, neomycin, or gelatin (note: chickenpox vaccine does not contain egg), have moderate or serious illness (note: vaccine may be given to persons with a mild fever, cold or diarrhea), are pregnant, are unable to fight serious infections because of any kind of cancer or cancer treatment with x-rays or drugs, (note: if your child has leukemia in remission he/she may be eligible to receive the vaccine, ask your doctor), have a disease that depresses cellular immune function (note: if your child has HIV infection but has normal immune function he/she may receive the vaccine, ask your doctor), have been undergoing treatment with drugs such as long-term steroids, or have gotten blood products (such as immune globulin or a transfusion) during the past five months. If you are not sure, ask your doctor or nurse.

What if you suffer a side effect from the vaccine? You may be eligible to bring a claim under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Learn more here.

What problems can occur after chickenpox vaccination? A seizure (jerking and staring spell) usually caused by fever may occur in less than 1 in 1000 vaccine recipients.

Have serious reactions ever occurred from the chickenpox vaccine? As with any vaccine, there is a very small chance that serious problems could occur after getting chickenpox vaccine. It is important to note that the risks from the vaccine remain much lower than the risks from the disease.

What should I do if there is a serious reaction after chickenpox vaccination?

  • Call a doctor or get the person to a doctor right away.
  • Write down what happened and the date and time it happened.
  • Ask your doctor, nurse, or health department to file a Vaccine Adverse Event Report form, or you can call (800) 822-7967 (toll-free). For more information on reporting vaccine adverse events visit site:

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