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Topamax Side Effects and Birth Defects

Birth Defect Attorneys

Most prescription drugs have side effects. Topamax which is prescribed as an anti seizure drug and to prevent migraine headaches* in adults also has common and serious side effects. A more serious Topamax side effect would be for pregnant women who have a newborn with an oral cleft birth defect.

If you get a migraine headache, Topamax will not make it go away.

Not everyone will experience the same range of side effects.

Common and moderate to mild Topamax side effects are: fatigue, weight loss (depends on the dosage), tingling, numbness in limbs, diarrhea, nausea, difficulty focusing, and memory recall.

Topamax may cause an increase in body temperature or a fever while causing a decrease in sweating. In hot temperatures, a decrease in sweating can cause a major health problem. Get medical help especially for children with these side effects.

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More serious Topamax side effects include sudden loss of vision and increased fluid in the eye. Both require immediate medical attention.

Topamax as well as other anti seizure drugs may cause suicidal thoughts or actions. Get medical help if you have sudden thoughts about suicide or hurting yourself, or the feelings of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, irritability are new and sudden and scary to you.

If youíre reading this and starting to panic Ė do not get off any anti seizure medications without talking to your doctor.

If taking Topamax during your first trimester of pregnancy, your baby has a higher risk for oral cleft birth defects. Tell your doctor right away if you are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant. There may be safer alternatives to Topamax.

If your baby was born with an oral cleft birth defect while you were taking Topamax, please contact Anapol Schwartz, a personal injury law firm which has litigated unsafe drug lawsuits for people just like you. Isnít it about time to find out what your legal options are?

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