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Tequin Lawsuits and Class Actions : Tequin Blog Home : November 2006 : 2006-11-20 to 2006-11-26

High blood sugar levels add to heart disease, strokes, and death

High blood sugar levels add to heart disease, strokes, and deathScientists in the United States and New Zealand have calculated that in addition to the 960,000 diabetes deaths worldwide each year, raised blood sugar levels are linked to 1.5 million deaths from... (Read Article)

Panic Attacks Linked to Diabetes

According to a study conducted at the Group Health Cooperative, there is a strong link between panic episodes and increased complications from diabetes.

The researchers surveyed diabetic patients about their symptoms, disability, social and emotional function, and quality of life. They also collected data on the patients' blood sugar levels, diabetic complications, and other illnesses.

The team had previously reported a strong link between diabetes and depression, which often goes along with panic disorders. They were interested in examining panic independently to see whether patients who have panic without depression would also have poor diabetic outcomes.

Panic attacks can mimic episodes of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar. The study didn't want people adjusting their blood sugar thinking they are having hypoglycemia when their symptoms are actually caused by a panic disorder.

Of the 4,385 patients surveyed, 193 reported experiencing recent episodes of panic or fear that caused them to change their immediate behavior. After accounting for the effect of depression, panic episodes were associated with higher blood sugar levels, increased diabetic complications and symptoms, greater disability, and lower self-rated health and functioning. (Source)

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