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Fleet Phospho-Soda Recalled Due to Serious Side Effects

Oral Sodium Phosphate Attorneys

In December 2008, C.B. Fleet Company, the manufacturer of Fleet Phospho-soda recalled Fleet Phospho-soda after the FDA issued a Safety Alert stating that oral sodium phosphates should be available by prescription only if they are being used for bowel cleansing purposes. The FDAs Safety Alert indicated that patients should not use over the counter medications in order to prepare for a colonoscopy. Fleet Phospho-soda is an oral sodium phosphate and was, therefore, removed from the over the counter market.

What is Fleet Phospho-soda?

Sodium phosphates, such as Fleet Phospho-soda, are types of salts made from sodium and phosphoric acid. Generally, they are used to treat constipation and to clean out the bowel before medical procedures such as colonoscopies. Phospho-soda works by drawing liquid from other parts of the body into the colon in order to produce bowel movements.

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How is Fleet Phospho-soda Administered?

Prior to its recall, Fleet Phospho-soda was available over the counter in both tablet and liquid forms. Most patients took the product at home, as an outpatient without medical supervision, for 24 hours prior to a colonoscopy or colon surgery. Typically, a patient began the tablet treatment at bedtime by taking one tablet with a full glass of water and continuing the treatment the next day. The oral solution is usually started in the morning by mixing the solution with 4 ounces of water and drinking it.

Many physicians suggested that their patients use large amounts of the over the counter Fleet Phospho-soda in order to fully empty the bowels prior to a colonoscopy.

What are Fleet Phospho-soda Side Effects?

There are numerous Fleet Phospho-soda side effects associated with the over the counter use of the product in preparation for colonoscopies. The most significant side effect is acute phosphate nephropathy. This is a kidney injury that can lead to permanent kidney damage. Those at greatest risk of developing this side effect include many of the patients who need colonoscopies. Specific risk factors include being over the age of 55, having kidney disease, having bowel obstruction, having active colitis, being hypvolemic and using medication that affects renal perfusion or function.

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What Should you Do if Youve Suffered a Fleet Phospho-soda Side Effect?

After seeking immediate medical attention you should contact a fleet phospho-soda side effects lawyer who can review your case and advise you of your legal rights. Your Fleet Phospho-soda attorney will discuss the possibility of joining a Fleet Phospho-soda class action lawsuit or bringing an individual claim. Therefore, in order to potentially recover damages it is important to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible if you are diagnosed with acute phosphate nephropathy after taking Fleet Phospho-soda.

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