NuvaRing Blood Clot Risks: Seriously Consider Taking Legal Action Against NuvaRing

NuvaRing® increases blood clot risks. Women have died and some are arguing that this should never have been allowed on the market. Did you have a bad experience when you tried NuvaRing? Learn more.

NuvaRing Lawyer

Do you think that NuvaRing is safe? If not, share your experience with us. We are lawyers representing women who have been injured or died while using this birth control ring. If you are seriously considering bringing legal action against Organon and Merck for this birth control product, call us toll free 1-866-735-2792. There has been a lot of news including a recent Danish study showing a 6.5 time increased risk of a venous thrombosis event (Blood Clot, Stroke, PE, DVT, Sudden Death, Heart Attack). Don’t delay.

With the risk as described in the Danish study recently published in the British Journal of Medicine, it should raise the question with the FDA whether this ring should ever have been allowed on the market. Many people have had similar side effects and those worst harmed are frustrated to know that there was inadequate warnings about these risks when compared to safer alternative forms of birth control. Women as young as in their 20’s have had strokes while using the NuvaRing. Some of those harmed actually died, while others suffered severe injuries from strokes such as semi-paralysis on one side of their body. “Anyone having these sort of symptoms should feel welcome to respond and contact us. Our investigation into these cases is ongoing and urgent” said attorney Gregory Spizer, Esq. at Anapol Schwartz.

Many are learning of this information after it is too late. The high risk of blood clots is significant and anyone using the NuvaRing needs to be made aware of the symptoms of deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and stroke. These injuries need to stop. Going forward, we can not even imagine why a doctor would choose to prescribe this form of birth control with what is now known in the BMJ published study about the clotting risk and death rate.

Many of the people who have contacted us are non-smokers, healthy young people, who had no known risk of a stroke, blood clots, PE or DVT. But the warnings of these problems appear to only be a “mention” and seem to be downplayed. Thus, health care professionals have continued to prescribe this drug. Last year alone (2011) about 5.5 million prescriptions were filled. Filling the manufacturers pockets with nearly $600,000,000 in revenue! It seems like a buyer beware mentality – with profits over people at work. Who should be held accountable? Where is the FDA on this issue? Why are they sitting by and not taking urgent action? Is bringing a lawsuit against the manufacturers the only choice when beautiful and young women are struck down or their lives are devastated or abruptly ended by this product? It is more than a little risk, and women need to be told about the risk of stroke due to this contraceptive.

Have you been injured by NuvaRing?

If yes, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Pennsylvania NuvaRing lawyers are offering women free lawsuit consultations if you have suffered blood clots, DVT, PE, stroke or heart attack while using this birth control device. If you were the victim of a NuvaRing injury, please contact Anapol Schwartz now to protect your legal rights. Call toll free 1-866-735-2792.