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The Problems with Removing Toxic Chinese Drywall

Toxic Chinese Drywall Attorneys

The health problems associated with Chinese drywall in residential homes are becoming more and more evident as time passes. People are complaining of respiratory illness, bloody noses, eye problems, and fatigue due to the presence of toxins in their walls. The obvious solution seems to be to remove the tainted drywall and to install new drywall in the homes. However, that proposed solution may not be so easy for several reasons.

Removal of Chinese Drywall Could Cause Further Health Problems

Many homeowners report black corroded wires within walls built with toxic Chinese drywall. Homeowners often notice black corroded electric wires when they remove outlet covers from their walls. The rotten egg sulfur smell may also be stronger when the outlet cover is removed. When the entire wall is taken down, the toxins can more readily enter the air in the home making it uninhabitable until the renovations are completed. The toxins may also invade other areas of the house including furniture and appliances which would then need to be replaced lest they become health problems in the future.

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"While safety is the number one priority...it is often heartbreaking and financially frightening to suggest rebuilding a home that was only built a few years ago."

Removal of Chinese Drywall May be Impractical

Given the potential health problems if Chinese drywall is removed, some experts are suggesting that it may be impractical to replace tainted Chinese drywall. They argue that once the drywall is removed, everything else is exposed to the toxins and would need to be replaced or thoroughly cleaned. Instead, it might be cost efficient to tear down the homes and rebuild them.

While safety is the number one priority of most homeowners who are dealing with the Chinese drywall problem, it is often heartbreaking and financially frightening to suggest rebuilding a home that was only built a few years ago. Still, in the end it may be the only way to prevent additional health problems among homeowners who are currently living with Chinese drywall.

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