Hip Implant Lawsuits

Metal-on-metal hip implants were supposed to solve hip pain, but some people are even less mobile and in more pain after hip replacement surgery.

Hip Implant Lawsuits

Thousands of upset patients have filed lawsuits after suffering life-threatening health problems with their defective metal-on-metal hips.

Help Yourself and Help Others
Standing up to a manufacturer who failed to adequately test their products before allowing them to be implanted in people’s bodies is the only way to deter these incidents from happening again. Companies can be held responsible for their misdeeds when you have fearless advocates on your side.

Tom Anapol is a leader in many metal-on-metal hip implant failure litigations. Among his roles are: Plaintiff’s Coordinating Co-lead Counsel for the Biomet M2a Magnum hip lawsuits and Plaintiff’s Steering Committee (PSC) in the Stryker Rejuvenate/ABG II lawsuits. From these positions, Tom is responsible for directing many aspects of the litigation, and his clients are well informed and represented. Tom knows the arguments the companies will make and is well prepared to meet them.

Melissa Hague has developed an intricate level of industry knowledge about metal-on-metal hip implant failure lawsuits. She is well regarded for her successes in other mass tort litigations including the Human Tissue Products Liability Litigation, in which she successfully represented victims who received infected and improperly screened cadaver bone and tissue implants. She authored the February 2013 article titled, Legal Implications of FDA’s Proposed Order Affecting MoM Implants for The Legal Intelligencer.

Time is Running Out
The manufacturers of these medical devices have failed to produce safe hip implants, and they need to answer to those they injured. Contact hip implant lawyers Tom Anapol and Melissa Hague today to have your voice heard and to protect your legal rights.

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