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Osteoporosis and Osteopenia Treatment

Osteoporosis Attorneys

Osteoporosis is a condition afflicted women and men in which bones become brittle and weak, causing them to break more easily than normal bone. Osteopenia is a milder form of weaker bones, that often precedes osteoporosis.

Often referred to as the silent disease, osteoporosis usually progresses without obvious signs or symptoms until the first fracture occurs. Osteoporosis frequently strikes post-menopausal women, primarily because of the decline in levels of the hormone estrogen. Contact us for a free legal consultation about your Fosamax injury Lawsuit

Do you qualify for a class action lawsuit because of Fosamax side effects and other bisphosphonates?

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Are Bisphosphonates overkill for Osteopenia?

Given the side effects of ONJ (osteonecrosis of the jaw bone) and femur fractures, some doctors are seeking alternative treatments for patients with the more mild problem of Osteopenia. Do you have a case if you were given these powerful drugs for Osteopenia?

Our Fosamax lawyer team has reviewed many clinical studies that show that while Fosamax may help prevent bone loss, it also has side effects that are causing very serious injuries.

Osteopenia can also occur in men as a result of delayed puberty, inadequate calcium intake, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, or medications, such as steroids.

With osteoporosis and osteopenia, the bones of the hip, wrist and spinal column are vulnerable to fracture. A vertebral compression fracture occurs when one of the bones that makes up the spinal column break. In more severe cases of osteoporosis, women and sometimes men who have a hump and very bad stooped posture are suffering from advanced stages of osteoporosis.

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BMD and osteopenia

The best way to determine if you need medication for osteoporosis or osteopenia, is for your doctor to request a DEXA scan (a BMD or bone mineral density test), also known as a bone mass density test.

FAQs and Resources that answer them

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Disabling complications from Fosamax side effects

Australia’s medical news demonstrates that the Fosamax drug has caused hundreds of intense health problems for men and women with bone cancer.

What is a BMD?

In order to determine if you need bone medications, your doctor will prescribe a BMD or bone mineral density test. This test is non invasive and painless. The BMD is different than a bone scan.

How is osteoporosis detected?

Osteoporosis is a silent disease. People don’t know they have it until it’s too late and they break a bone. The National Osteoporosis Foundation suggests asking your doctor about a bone mineral density test (BMD).

What’s your bone mineral score?

A bone mineral density test will give you a T-score indicating whether or not you require bone medication. The lower the score the better your bone mass is.

Just the facts about osteoporosis

Everything you always wanted to know about osteoporosis and bone medications all on one page in easy to read questions and answers format.

Fosamax: Friend or foe?

What’s the problem with the drug Fosamax? Does it help prevent bone loss for sufferers of osteoporosis or does it cause more Fosamax side effects like bone loss problems? Topix is a forum where every day people chime in about their experiences and relate to current event topics about Fosamax side effects and osteoporosis.

What states are proactive about osteoporosis?

34 states have laws about osteoporosis prevention, education, and treatment. Many states have increased funding for medical research and encouraged medical insurance programs to cover BMD (bone mineral density) testing.

Does your insurance or Medicare cover bone mineral density testing? This page examines the intricacies of how and why and how to get covered for the testing and bone meds.

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Bone cancer or jaw bone death?

Neither option is preferably but what a shock to patients being treated for bone cancer to find out that the drug Fosamax was causing the side effects of death to the jawbone.

Fosamax linked to death of jawbone

AP article about dozens of men and women who had oral surgery and failed to heal properly and the one common denominator was that they all took the drug Fosamax for osteoporosis related problems.

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