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Morphine: Its History and Uses

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The drug that we know as Morphine was first identified in Germany in the early 1800s. The drug was so strong that the doctor was identified the drug named it after Morpheus, the God of Dreams in Greek Mythology. Prior to that time, opium which is closely related to morphine had been used for centuries.

In 1853, the hypodermic needle was developed and the use of morphine became more widespread. From its earliest application, it was used as a form of pain relief and that is still how it is meant to be used today. However, in the early years of widespread morphine use it was also used to cure addictions to alcohol and other drugs. It was unknown at that time that morphine is even more addictive than alcohol and some other drugs.

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Medical Uses of Morphine

There are many legitimate uses of morphine that make it a very important drug in the field of pain management. Since the side effects of morphine use can be serious or even deadly, it is very important that the proper dosage of morphine always be provided and that the patient be well monitored by medical personnel.

In the hospital setting, morphine is often used for pre and post operative pain management as well as in conjunction with the anesthesia used during surgical procedures.

It is also used for pain management if a patient presents with traumatic injuries, such as those obtained during a car accident. Morphine can similarly be used to treat the pain associated with illnesses such as sickle cell crisis or myocardial infractions.

Sometimes morphine is prescribed by a doctor for use outside of a hospital. Patients who suffer from severe and chronic pains such as those associated with cancer, kidney stones or back pains may be take morphine to deal with the excruciating pain associated with their conditions.

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Non Medical Uses of Morphine

Morphine is a highly addictive drug with addictive properties similar to a closely related drug called heroin. Morphine gives an intense high or euphoric feeling that addicts come to depend upon in certain situations. Withdrawal symptoms can be intense and dangerous. A morphine addict should only attempt to wean himself or herself from the drug with the help of qualified substance abuse professionals.

Morphine is classified as a Schedule II drug in the United States. That means that it has an important medical purpose but that there is a high potential for abuse. Accordingly, the government requires strict reporting about the use of morphine drugs and the amount of the drug that can be manufactured and sold in this country are strictly regulated.


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