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Drug Eluting Stent Lawsuits

Drug Eluting Stents Attorneys

Drug Coated Stent Class Actions and Drug Coated Stent Lawsuits

What is a class action lawsuit?
A class action lawsuit is when large numbers of people have suffered a common problem caused by a faulty medical device like drug coated stents or unsafe pharmaceutical drug. In this case it would be drug coated stents from Boston Scientific and Johnson & Johnson medical device subsidiaries.

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Class action suits have been brought against the manufacturers of IUDs, dangerous diet drugs, and tobacco. Currently Anapol Schwartz law firm is reviewing lawsuits for faulty Guidant/Boston Scientific defibrillators and Trasylol, a drug by Bayer A.G. that is supposed to stop the flow of blood during heart surgery but instead causes renal failure.
Usually these types of class action cases are connected to some standard action on part of the business. Class action suits are usually filed on a state or multi jurisdictional level.

Frequently in newspapers and magazines, you will see advertisements touting class action lawsuits so that as many people as possible can benefit by the class action. The court actually requires this mass notification. Individuals may opt out of the class action and pursue as solo plaintiffs for civil actions. If there is a class action settlement, class action counsel must notify all the people who participated in the class action lawsuit. Usually the legal fees are paid out of the class action settlement.

Advantages of a class action lawsuit are:
Many claims are represented by one litigation team which increases the efficiency of the legal process and reduces the costs of the legal team. Individual claims may not warrant a separate lawsuit but there’s power in numbers. With limited funds, a class action allows for everyone to receive something vs. a few take all.

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