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Used to hold dentures in place, denture creams can be dangerous in some cases. Fixodent, PoliGrip, and Super PoliGrip have all been linked to zinc poisoning, which can lead to serious medical problems. Before using any of these denture creams, take a moment to learn about them and the risks involved.

What are denture creams?

Denture creams are adhesive substances used to stick false teeth to the gums. Fixodent, PoliGrip, and Super PoliGrip are the most popular brands of denture cream, but there are other kinds of cream as well. There are alternatives to denture cream, such as powders and adhesive strips, but creams still remain extremely popular for those with false teeth. Most people who use over-the-counter denture creams have ill-fitting dentures, which means that they're likely to use more cream than recommended. This is where problems come into play.

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What problems are associated with denture creams?

Fixodent, PoliGrip, and Super PoliGrip are all manufactured using zinc as one of their main ingredients. This can be a problem if too much denture cream is used, since the zinc can be absorbed into the body, causing zinc poisoning. Zinc is necessary for normal body function, but only in very small quantities. When you have too much zinc in your body, you could experience neuropathic symptoms such as weakness and numbness in the extremities, which can be permanent. In addition, zinc poisoning can cause dizziness, poor balance, cognitive problems, and other medical conditions. Most of these problems are associated with using too much of the denture cream too often.

Who manufacturers Fixodent, PoliGrip, and Super PoliGrip?

Proctor and Gamble manufactures Fixodent, while GlaxoSmithKline makes PoliGrip and Super PoliGrip. Proctor and Gamble have stated that they do "rigorous scientific evaluations and safety testing" on all of their products, maintaining that Fixodent is manufactured in accordance to FDA standards. GlaxoSmithKline has also come forward to say that the risks associated with their denture creams are "minimal when the product is used as directed." Currently, their products have not been recalled by the FDA, but both Proctor and Gamble and GlaxoSmithKline are defendants in many zinc poisoning lawsuits.

Where can you get denture creams?

You don't need a prescription to get denture creams, including both PoliGrip brands and Fixodent. Because these are over-the-counter products, many consumers make the mistake of not realizing just how important the directions are. Even though you can purchase denture cream without a prescription, they can be dangerous if used incorrectly.

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What can I do if I've experienced problems?

If you've experienced zinc poisoning symptoms after using Fixodent, you should see a doctor immediately for diagnosis and treatment. Once your medical condition is under control, contact a Fixodent lawyer to learn more about your rights. Denture cream should never put you at risk, and if yours caused zinc poisoning, you deserve compensation.

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