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Construction Accident Lawyers

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Workplace Safety Attorneys

Is your workplace safe? Many construction sites are not as safe as they could be. The reality is that many construction site accidents can be prevented if the employer implements smart and enforceable safety practices. Workers should be properly trained in the operation of machinery, and the site properly managed according to legal standards.

There are significant accident risks at many places of work and it is often the responsibility of the employer to take action to keep that risk as low as possible.

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Theories of Liability

The theory of liability, the "type of case," and determining who is responsible — these all go hand in hand in a construction site lawsuit. Whether you fell from a high elevation (which is the cause of 33% of all construction site fatalities) or were harmed by scaffolding that collapsed... whether you were struck by an object at the site, or harmed by a dangerous product... even if you were injured by an explosion — in all of these cases, it is possible that someone else was at fault.

There are often many companies working at a construction site. Some of them you may not have considered. If you have been involved in a work place accident, please fill out the below form and contact us to set up a free consultation.

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