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Uses of Benzene: Unsafe products cause cancer and leukemia

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Benzene is used for printing and lithography, paint, rubber, dry cleaning, adhesives and coatings, detergents, extraction and rectification, preparation and use of inks in the graphic arts industries; as a thinner for paints and as a degreasing agent. Do you have a benzene cancer lawsuit?

In the tire industry and in shoe factories, benzene is used extensively.
Benzene is used primarily as a raw material in the synthesis of styrene (polystyrene plastics and synthetic rubber), phenol (phenolic resins), nylon, aniline (a colorless/odorless benzene derivative), polyester resins, detergents, and other products used in the production of drugs, dyes, dry cleaning process, insecticides, and plastics. New coking, liquefaction, and gasification processes for coal are all potential sources of benzene.

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Benzene is used as an additive in gasoline, but it also is present naturally in gasoline, because it occurs naturally in crude oil and is a by-product of oil refining processes. The percentage of benzene in unleaded gasoline is approximately 1 to 2 percent by volume.

Benzene is used as a constituent in motor fuels; as a solvent for fats, waxes, resins, oils, inks, paints, plastics, and rubber; in the extraction of oils from seeds and nuts; and in photogravure printing. Benzene is used as a chemical intermediate. Benzene is also used in the manufacture of detergents, explosives, pharmaceuticals, artificial leather, linoleum, oil cloth, varnishes, lacquers, and dyestuffs. In 1989, Merck Pharmaceuticals used benzene to destroy screw worm larvae in wounds.

In 1993, Professor Glenn Lawrence, of Long Island University, published research showing that either potassium benzoate or sodium benzoate and vitamin C found in soft drinks could interact, depending on shelf life and exposure to heat and light to form benzene.

Beware! Benzene lurks in everything even in soft drinks and drinking water. Have you suffered cancer or leukemia caused by benzene?

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