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What if Police Report is Wrong

Police Report

Even police officers can make mistakes. Sometimes officers who investigate accidents fill out a police report that is incorrect. It is easy to see how a mistake could happen. The responding officers have to make sure all of the injured people are taken care of, that other accidents donít occur, and that traffic is moving again as soon as possible Ė all before, or while, they are investigating the cause of the accident.

An incorrect police report does not mean that you cannot file a case against the driver who caused your injury. However, it does mean that you should contact an experienced Pennsylvania car accident lawyer who can investigate the cause of the accident, who is not afraid to fight an incorrect police report, and who is willing to zealously advocate for full and complete recovery.

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If you have a friend or loved one frustrated by an incorrect police report, please share this post with that person so that he or she can understand that an incorrect police report does not necessarily preclude a recovery.

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