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rbrs_0268-kidsinpoolSwimming pools require special equipment and supervision in order to maintain a necessary level of safety. A good time can quickly turn to tragedy if a pool owner’s negligence allows someone to get hurt.

If you or a loved one have pool related injuries, we can help. No one can change what happened, but our pool accident and drowning attorneys can ensure your family gets justice for a traumatizing situation that never should have happened.

Ten people die every day from unintentional – meaning non-boating related – drowning accidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). How many of those deaths could have been prevented with a little more care on the part of the person responsible?

There are specific laws regarding lifeguard requirements in public places, and all swimming pools must be compliant with local building codes.  These and other factors can affect pool safety, but it is a pool owner’s responsibility to provide a safe environment for children and adults. They must actively prevent accidents and injuries.

Responsive Advocates for Families of Pool Accident Victims

The attorneys at Anapol Weiss are active listeners who are committed to pursuing every detail of a client’s case. If you’re dealing with a pool injury or drowning accident, you deserve this level of legal attention and assistance.

Get the personal attention you need from leaders in personal injury law. Call Anapol Weiss today for a free legal evaluation. It can be the first step toward recovery.

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