Personal Injury Lawyers

Anapol Schwartz has obtained multi-million dollar verdicts or settlements in its representation of clients in a wide variety of personal injury matters, such as claims for spinal cord injury, brain injury, burns, and wrongful death.

Accident Law AttorneysAnapol Schwartz also represents clients who were injured in construction accidents, firearm accidents, automobile accidents, and slip and falls.

On particularly complex cases, attorneys at Anapol Schwartz work with a superior team of medical and technical experts who are specialized in various subject areas such as accident reconstruction, structural engineering, environmental engineering, and various medical fields. Consulting with specialized experts enables attorneys at Anapol Schwartz to build the facts and develop a powerful case.

Clients rightfully rely on the expertise of the attorneys at Anapol Schwartz. Anapol Schwartz personal injury attorneys have the knowledge, skill, and experience necessary to successfully represent, and obtain substantial compensation for, injured parties.

If you or someone you know has been injured, we can assist you in evaluating your case.

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