Reporting Nursing Home Abuse

It is a violation of State and Federal law for any person, including facility staff, volunteers, visitors, family members, or guardians, or another resident, to neglect or abuse a nursing home patient.

Have you seen nursing home neglect or abuse? Then you must report it immediately. This may help prevent further suffering by any nursing home patient Many states have laws that require the reporting of abuse and neglect. Find out what your state requires and other information from these nursing home abuse resources.

Put your report in writing, date it, and keep a copy. Write down as much information as you can about the situation. When reporting nursing home abuse, emember to include:

  • WHO is the victim? Include their age and address; the name of the nursing home facility and the people responsible for the victim’s care; the identity of the person/s who you believe abused or neglected the victim.
  • WHAT is the extent of harm and any physical signs of abuse or neglect; any previous incidents? What happened?
  • WHERE did the neglect or abuse happen?
  • WHEN did the nursing home abuse and neglect happen? Give date, and approximate time of the incident.

Provide as much background information as possible. A thorough report will help the investigator to address the situation quickly.

Make Your Nursing Home Abuse Report to:

  • Nursing home’s administrator, director of nursing, and social worker
  • State or local ombudsman
  • Local police or state law enforcement
  • Protection/advocacy or adult protective services agency
  • State agency that licenses and certifies nursing homes (often in the health department)
  • Community group that visits regularly
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