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Failure to Diagnose Meningitis

People who seek a lawyer for a medical malpractice case most likely do not already have a law firm at arm’s reach. Finding the right law firm for your malpractice lawsuit may appear to be expensive and challenging.

The first step Initially, we ask that you fill out a pre-case screening form. Why? At this point we don’t know if we’re the right law firm for your malpractice lawsuit or vice versa. You have to start somewhere and this is the most logical place to begin. All your information will be held in the strictest confidence. There is never an obligation to continue.

Let’s review the facts of your potential malpractice case After we receive your medical mistake case form, it will be reviewed to determine whether or not the Anapol Schwartz law firm can help you. We will most likely ask additional questions or try to gather more information before making a decision.

At this point – Anapol Schwartz has not agreed to represent you – and more importantly – you have not yet agreed to retain us. We can only represent you if we both enter into a written agreement spelling out that you want to retain Anapol Schwartz as your Tequin law firm.

Questions welcomed It’s perfectly acceptable to ask Anapol Schwartz about our experience, procedures, and costs. You have questions; we have answers. We listen to your concerns and outline the Tequin lawsuit process. With over 30 attorneys, many leaders in their field, Anapol Schwartz is devoted to product negligence and personal injury lawsuits specializing in medical mistakes.

Take the first step and fill out the case form to let the process begin. We look forward to hearing about your case.

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