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Philadelphia Gastric Bypass Surgery Lawyers

Medical MalpracticeWeight loss or bariatric surgery also known as gastric bypass surgery has been the answer for thousands of people. But, is it the right answer? Gastric bypass surgery changes the anatomy of the digestive system by limiting the amount of food a person can eat and digest resulting in weight loss and lowering the risk of obesity health-related problems.

Gastric bypass can provide long-term, consistent weight loss if accompanied with ongoing behavioral modifications. Gastric bypass surgery is a major invasive surgical procedure posing significant risks and side effects. Gastric bypass surgery is not a magic bullet (like some misleading advertisements) unless you decide to really change your lethargic ways, give up high caloric and fattening foods, and to judiciously follow a lean and mean eating plan.

Gastric bypass surgery and gastric band surgery can both give you a head start on a new life but like any diet or weight management plan — good habits must prevail or otherwise the pounds come back with a vengeance and then what?

Like any surgery, gastric bypass surgery and gastric lap band surgery are not without risks and side effects, even death. Gastric surgery on morbidly obese patients carries greater risks. The false promise of seemingly easier weight loss has greatly increased the demand for both gastric bypass surgery and now a newer method of gastric lap band surgery. Unfortunately, with increased demand comes more less experienced practitioners performing the surgery, further increasing the risks and dangerous side effects.

Are you the victim of gastric bypass surgery gone wrong? Has a loved one died from gastric bypass surgery? Are you the victim of lap band surgery with serious complications? Consider talking to Anapol Schwartz law firm with offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Tell them what happened and they can determine if you are eligible for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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