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Cardiovascular-Related Misdiagnosis

Cardiovascular health is vital to a person’s well-being. But when a misdiagnosis results in death or permanent injury, victims and their families have to endure unnecessary pain, emotional anguish and extensive medical bills.

The repercussions of a misdiagnosis shouldn’t be your burden to bear.

If you’re dealing with the devastation of a wrong, missed and delayed diagnosis, you deserve an experienced law firm to investigate your situation and maximize recovery. The medical malpractice team at Anapol Schwartz offers free, no obligation legal evaluations to misdiagnosis victims and their families.

Heart Attack Misdiagnosis

Someone in the U.S. has a heart attack every 34 seconds, but one in 50 heart attack sufferers are mistakenly sent home by emergency room doctors, researchers reported in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Every minute counts when a heart attack occurs. A person can die or suffer permanent and disabling heart complications if a heart attack is left untreated.

Stroke Misdiagnosis

Symptoms initially diagnosed as a migraine or inner ear infection may actually be a stroke, and the amount of time wasted before appropriate treatment can result in death or permanent, visible injury.

Stroke misdiagnosis happens often, and it’s a real problem. The resulting damage to the brain can severely change life forever. As many as 165,000 stroke cases are misdiagnosed each year, a study from Johns Hopkins University suggests.

Blood Clot Misdiagnosis

A blood clot can turn deadly fast if it gets lodged in the wrong place in the body. People suffering from a blood clot condition are too often sent home with the wrong diagnosis at first.

If a blood clot isn’t diagnosed in time, it can dislodge and travel to places including the lung, heart or brain and cause life-threatening problems, paralysis and even death. One third of patients with a dangerous lung clot called a pulmonary embolism (PE) were initially misdiagnosed, according to a 2013 study.

No one should jeopardize your well-being with a preventable medical error, but if it happened to you, someone should pay for the resulting damages. Contact the medical malpractice team at Anapol Schwartz if you or a loved one is a victim of misdiagnosis.

Your state limits the amount of time you have to protect your legal rights, so take the first step toward recovery and call today.

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