Auto Accident Police Report

Valuable evidence and information at a crash scene can be lost as police assess injured people and control traffic in the area. But mistakes can cost you a lot of money if you were injured in an auto accident and the police report is incorrect.

accident police report is wrongThe accident team at Anapol Weiss may be able to help if it happened to you. Act now to preserve your chances of bringing a lawsuit despite an incorrect police report.

An officer should have given you your police report immediately after the accident, but the chaos of the crash could have prevented you from getting a copy. Obtaining a report later can be complicated, and it may be even more difficult if information is inaccurate.

Obtaining a copy of a police report often requires important pieces of information including:

  • Whether the officers on the scene were state or local police: Where the report is filed can depend on which officers went to the crash scene. If the report was made by a state police officer, victims can contact the Pennsylvania State Police online to request a copy of the accident report.
  • The county in which the accident happened: State police are assigned to cover specific county areas. Knowing the county the accident occurred in will narrow the search for where the report was filed.

All is not lost for your case if the police report is inaccurate or misleading. Our auto accident team can still win your case, even when the odds seem to be against it. We’ll uncover every important detail in order to maximize recovery.

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