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Pennsylvania Truck Accident Advice from Lawyers at Anapol Schwartz
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Fatal Truck Accidents On the Rise in PA

Pennsylvania Truck Accident Site

News Analysis

What Causes Large Truck Accidents?
PENN — Jim Ronca

"The facts are clear that these injuries and fatalities are happening at an alarming rate and the legislature needs to take action", states Jim Ronca, truck accident lawyer representing New Jersey and Pennsylvania victims.


Truck Accident Evidence: A Vital Part of Winning Your Truck Accident Lawsuit
PENN — Jim Ronca

With any kind of truck accident, preservation of evidence is very important. The crash event assessment for a crash occurrence consists of three elements for each vehicle involved in the crash.

Dept. of Transportation Statistics

Published 2006

Injury, Fatal & Propery Crashes

top causes of accidents
1. Driver Behavior
2. Big Rig Brakes Problems
3. Large Truck Design Defects
4. Bad Weather
5. Truck overloading
Pennsylvania crash totals
passenger car crashes 98,307
light truck/van/SUV 51,819
heavy truck crashes 6,657
motorcycle crashes 3,889
school bus crashes 523

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Jim Ronca

Truck Accident Lawyer, PA & NJ

Jim Ronca, Truck Accident Attorney, Pennsylvania & New Jersey, answers common questions about the Trucking Industry and driving safety.

Regulating Truck Safety

PA Driving Laws and Regulations:

What You Know Can Save Lives: Did you know that PA doctors are required by law to report patients who shouldn’t be driving? View Story

If you have been injured or a family member has died in a fatal truck accident caused by a truck driver who lost control of his truck caused by bad brakes, " says Jim Ronca, truck accident lawyer. "You could be eligible for a truck accident personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Do not delay. Contact me today.

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